Goodvin Catalogs for online stores of auto parts

GOODVIN — suitable for any online store or site of auto parts. Any car owner will be able to find the necessary auto part on a website in a few clicks.
And a site owner will get a ready-to-buy customer. It will remain only to complete the sale. Integration takes just a few minutes (HTML widget).
10 languages available! Russian, English, German, Spanish, Turkish, Latvian, French, Estonian, Ukrainian.
Easy-to-use search by VIN/FRAME
A visitor of your online store will easily select an auto part by VIN or FRAME.
Convenient filter
Filters by brand, model, modification, year of manufacture.
3 color schemes
Blue, red, yellow
Adaptation for any device
The system interface is adapted for viewing on any devices. You can choose preferable color scheme and needed language.
Detailed schemes of elements
GOODVIN increases amount of orders up to 37%* due to the built-in catalog of auto parts.

*Based on the feedback from our current clients.

Main advantages

There is a breakout

High percentage of VIN identifications. More than 50 catalogs of passenger cars and trucks (Mercedes, Hino Lite, Hino Heavy, Scania, Renault, MAN and others).

Greetings from Korea

Availability of catalogs of Korean brands with cars manufactured in Korea.

Fresher than a sea breeze!

Availability of catalogs with cars manufactured in 2022. The databases of the GOODVIN system are updated in a timely manner, so your client will always have an access to the up-to-date data.

He will fix it himself

Smart search that corrects errors when entering a VIN code.

We will always help you

Your personal manager is always ready to help you with any difficulties.

A quick way to increase profits by increasing a conversion rate

The integration of the HTML code of widget into your website will take only 5 minutes. The conversion rate will increase by 37%.

How to start using GOODVIN

Leave a request for testing
A GOODVIN manager will call you to clarify the way to integrate catalogs and other nuances related to your online auto parts store.
Get an HTML code of widget or an API key
After the call, you will receive an HTML code of  widget or a key with instructions for using the API.
Test the work of GOODVIN catalogs on your site
Install the HTML code on your website and test its functionality. In  case of integration via API, developers are required to implement the work of catalogs on your online auto parts store.
Get an increase in sales!
You will get loyal clients who will come back again and again, increase in sales and minimization of illiquid parts in stock for a beneficial price.

Example of HTML widget operation

Price plan and connection methods

Choose a price plan that suits your needs.
Pay only for the actual usage.

Test access

Issued after a call from the manager.

The test access period is 3 days.

We help with integration.
Send a request
A professional method, the most flexible way to connect which lets to configure the catalogs and adjust them for special tasks (help of developers is required).
From 639€
Seamless integration into your online store.

No restrictions for  design and structure of the catalog.

The ability to integrate with any CMS, CRM, ERP.
Send a request

You can integrate GOODVIN into your website and try its work for free

Leave a request and your personal manager will call you back to correctly choose the integration method and create a test access for you
Feedback from our customers

Usage examples


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